Women, Men & Family Health

Women & family health

You don't have to suffer!

Often the needs of women and men are very specific which can require in depth analysis using a variety of investigative tools. This includes pathology tests to help inform the nutritional treatment and specific practitioner only supplements (if required).

Nutrition and lifestyle plans are written around the needs of women and men which include:

  • Hormonal needs - including reproductive hormones, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, fibroids, thyroid hormones, cortisol and other hormonal issues
  • Nutritional needs
  • Dietary analysis
  • Deficiency support through both diet and supplementation if necessary
  • Meal planning around work, family and busy schedules

Childrens support:

  • Fussy eating
  • Growth and development
  • ADD / ADHD
  • Food intolerance's and allergies 


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