Athlete Nutrition

athlete nutrition

Bio-Individualised Sport Nutrition Programs

Bio-Individualised nutritional plans are devised for the needs of athletes to support training, performance and competition. Plans cater for special dietary requirements including vegan and vegetarian and any specific conditions such as gut issues, hormonal issues, autoimmune disease and other diseases.

The bio-individualised sport nutrition program is a convenient packaged option which can be tailored to your specific sporting needs, including periodisation around the athletes current training schedules, plans can help you with:

  • Achieving body composition goals
  • Maximising energy levels
  • Base training and build training nutrition
  • Recovery nutrition
  • Tapering and event day nutrition
  • Evidence based approved sports supplements

Included in the plans are a variety of food choices, pre / during and post workout snacks and recipies. Plans are created around the needs of athletes and their family (if required).

If the athlete has completed a metabolic test the recommendations from the report will be written into the nutritional plan to optimise the athletes metabolic needs, incuding calorie consumption and the correct carbohydrate fat and protein mix to maximise athletic performance.

Bio-Individualised Sport Nutrition Program

  • Initial consultation investigating your goals, health, diet and training (60-90mins) - Valued at $130
  • Bio-individualised plan to meet your training goals and needs (60 mins) - Valued at $220
  • 3 x review consultations for ongoing support (30 mins each) - Valued at $240 ($80 each)
  • Education and resources to further assist in goal optimisation




Health fund rebates may apply

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