Ladies – want to lose weight?

Weight loss, lose weight

Lose weight using a scientifically substantiated method.

No fads, no meal replacements, no gruelling exercise regimes; just simple but effective nutrition and exercise advice.

I recently read a research study on weight loss in females. The female subjects had around 10kg to lose. They followed a sensible diet which included low GI carbs, lean protein, plenty of fruits & vegetables and good fats as well as exercised for 30 minutes per day. They lost substantial amounts of weight, and in fact the study was so effective that a few participants had to drop out as they had lost too much weight!

As a nutritional medicine practitioner I can devise a meal plan to achieve long term, healthy weight loss without a special fad diet. Just smart eating!

If you are interested let me help you achieve your ideal weight, size and shape.  Contact me today or visit my website

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