Can I claim on my health fund?

Depending on your health fund you may be eligible for a health fund rebate.

If your fund isn't listed below contact your Health Fund or Call Me to find out more.

Listed below are some Health funds accepted

Initial Nutrition Consult
You will receive a thorough assessment in your first 60min consult. A detailed nutrition plan & advice is extra cost which is personally customised to all aspects of your life and/or training demands.
Nutrition, Health & Lifestyle Plan
A detailed personalised nutrition, health & lifestyle plan is provided based upon your current needs, goals and lifestyle with additional supplementation if necessary.
Athlete Periodised Nutrition plan
Based on your nutritional and training needs a very personalised, detailed periodised nutritional program will be prepared to optimise your nutritional needs and training goals.
Follow-up Consult
To assist you with reaching your goals and assessing how you are progressing it is recommended that you book in for a follow up 30 minute consult.



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