Butternut Fritters

Here is a delicious and nutritious plant based recipe that is easy to make and can be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Spinach and Butternut Fritters with Moroccan Tomato ...
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coco berry smoothie

Coco Berry Smoothie

Ingredients  1 frozen banana 1 tablespoon blueberries frozen or fresh 3 large or 4 small strawberries frozen or fresh 1 large tablespoon of coconut or natural dairy yoghurt 1 handful ...
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Cloud Bread

Ingredients 3 eggs, separated 3 Tablespoons cream cheese (Room temp) ¼ teaspoon baking powder (or cream of tartar) Optional: 1 Tablespoon Honey or some natural sweetener, salt, garlic powder, rosemary ...
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Coconut Banana Bread

The following is not your average loaf of bread. It is a great sugar-stabilisng snack that will not only keep you from reaching for the sugary treats, but will help ...
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Pineapple & Turmeric Anti-inflammatory Smoothie

This smoothie is not only yummy but also excellent for anyone with a winter cold or flu or a training recovery drink. So you’ve read about the health benefits of turmeric, ...
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